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Many people who work with Dr. Daniels want to lose weight. Nutrition is a large part of the weight loss equation. Dr. Daniels educates guests about nutrition and eating habits but he has learned that telling someone about food only goes so far. Being in a controlled environment where meals are regulated based on need rather than past habit or desire to eat allows for better results for weight loss. Showing individuals what a portion should look like and what foods to eat has a lot of impact. Not only that, but during retreats snacks are only used when someone is truly hungry, not as a pastime. Dr. Daniels has found that by showing people how to eat it helps reinforce and maintain healthier eating habits. But ultimately it is up to the client. 

But what if weight loss is not your goal?

One reason people choose to work with a personal trainer is to get a more intense workout than they would otherwise do on their own. One of the objectives of the hikes that Dr. Daniels personally leads is to challenge guests’ mental as well as physical toughness. Some of the hikes are long and challenging. Guests are tired when they finish. But one thing that comes out of overcoming difficult challenges is that it sets the bar higher for a new standard of what can be accomplished. When guests leave they have the knowledge that they can push themselves further than before.

What UFI Retreats provides is a personalized touch to your wellness needs. My program for you is driven by your personal goals. These may range from weight loss to stress management to improving endurance and strength. Or any combination. Let me help you achieve these goals in a relaxing yet challenging retreat in the beautiful outdoors.


Who is Dr. Paul Daniels

Dr. Daniels started his wellness journey at the age of 13 when he asked his parents to buy him a weight lifting set for his birthday. He continued this journey by playing sports in junior high and high school. Wen he went to college he ran track and field and majored in Physical education with the idea of becoming a track and field coach. But Dr. Daniels had always had an interest in science, even has a child. So he decided to continue his education with a masters degree in Exercise Physiology. He ultimately completed a PhD in Exercise Physiology at the University of Utah where he conducted research on muscle physiology and weight loss in patients who had undergone bariatric weight loss surgery. For his research he was awarded an Outstanding Research Medal by the Obesity Society. In 2015 he opened Utah Fitness Institute in Salt Lake City where he works one on one with clients of all ages and abilities including professional athletes.

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